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What to Get the Men in Your Life for Christmas

‘Tis the season! Personally, I am so stoked for Christmas this year. Spending time with family and friends, good food, eggnog, PLENTY of rum, and all the gifts! Can’t think of anything better. Obviously referring to the rum part… Anyways, this week I wanted to focus on some potential gift ideas, for those of you who are looking to help a fellow family member or friend out with their wardrobe. Now, giving gifts can be pretty difficult when it comes to apparel, so I came up with a little guide to point you in the right direction.

  1. Please, please please shy away from giving main outfit pieces! For example, dress shirts, suits, coats, etc. Unless it is a gift card(lame) or the person receiving the gift is someone you know better than yourself, do not go down this route.
  2. Your best bet comes down to accessory sets! I love this idea, because it allows you to create a combination of accessories which help complete an outfit.
    • For example: Pocket square, tie/bow tie, lapel pin, bracelet. This is a prime set. Covers the majority of possible accessories.
    • Additional small things you can potentially include are rings, new watch straps, funky socks, a wallet, and tie bars.
  3. Recognize who you are giving it to!
    • Have an idea of their style and preferences so you don’t end up getting them something that may be too crazy or too boring. No one likes shitty gifts. (Materialistic right? I know. Just being honest).

Christmas is about that quality time! Don’t stress out about gifts! Hopefully this small guide will be of some assistance when you are trying to decide what to get for others. Honestly, it is easy on the wallet and can be done within 20 minutes, tops.

For more style ideas, head over to my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions/comments.

Enjoy the shopping! Start with the rum. Makes the rest of the day easier.

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