This week, I want to talk about some kick ass accessories provided by my friend from Dapper & Bloke. I was fortunate to make a great friend who, like myself, has a passion for style. Andrew decided to take this passion to the next level by launching an accessories company, Dapper & Bloke, which provides men and women with premium pieces fit for any style. Dope right? I know!

Now you’ve noticed I have written about accessories many, many, many times. This is a little different though. See, I typically talk about the small details added onto the suit, like lapel pins or pocket squares. In this case, it’s the small details that are added which will complete your outfit, outside the suit itself.

With a variety of rings, bracelets, watches, pendants and chains, this company supplies you with the key essentials to enhance your style. The fantastic part about accessories like these is that it works for both formal and casual outfits! Perfect for any setting, and at a price that is more than reasonable.

Personally, you know how extra I can be. So when I saw these products that Dapper & Bloke supply, I jumped at the opportunity to add them to my wardrobe. I highly recommend this company, not only because it looks pretty badass, but also because the products speak for themselves. Stylish, great quality, and priced to fit your budget.

Check out their website for more options.

Feel free to contact me on Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe for more info and style ideas!

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