I rarely buy a black blazer. Typically, I prefer bold patterns or colours, so when I first saw this black blazer at Topman’s from afar, I didn’t bother checking it out. Until I got closer, and realized that it was no normal black blazer.

This piece is extraordinary! The black blazer with gold print lapels extended to the interior: absolutely stunning. I was struggling to find the perfect piece for upcoming Christmas parties, until I saw this. Paired with a festive green and red bow tie, the outfit looks bold and dapper.

Bold pieces are hard to come by, but when you find something like this, don’t hesitate to make the purchase, if it’s within your budget. I lucked out with this one being on sale (thank god, because I was scared to look at the price tag).

I wanted to share this piece with you to showcase that bold is gold (pun intended). The key to styling your outfit for major events is to stand out in a crowd. Attract attention so people will remember who you are, dress to impress, and hopefully this will also lead to you making the right connections to move you forward.

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