Seeing as how it’s getting colder by the day, sometimes the simple blazer just does not cut it. Obviously you will be wearing a winter jacket over top, but even then, it is still so bloody cold! A quick fix to this issue it adding a jumper to your outfit.

Yes this will give a a classic, professor-esque vibe to the outfit. But I believe it looks great, when put together properly.


Credit: @orein2727

Above, I added the tan jumper to a semi-formal outfit. This is great for that pop feature. Granted, it doesn’t have to be paired with a bow-tie! Switch that out for a tie for the office, if that suits your style more. Alternatively, this outfit is perfect for your date night, with or without a tie. Just a heads up fellas.

This blog was pretty short because it is pretty straight forward. Incorporate the jumper into your outfit for both warmth and style! Make sure you pair it properly, because you don’t want it to clash with your blazer or tie.

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