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The Winter Style Start-Up Guide for Men

WINTER IS COMING! This means layers with heavy materials. The key is to find the balance between warmth and comfort, and looking good. Trust me, it’s possible.

  • The trench coat/overcoat is my favourite piece and a great go-to for both the formal and casual look. This will keep you very warm and attract you attention because of it’s dapper look.
  • The pea coat is shorter but still maintains that classy look. I prefer this with formal and semi formal outfits.


  • Formal looks have that jumper/tie combo that is quite vintage, but still perfect for the office or date nights! Throw on a blazer over top to complete the formal look (and master the “professor look” at the same time).
  • Casual looks are easy with this piece. Try a slim fit jumper, blue or black jeans, and an overcoat. Simple, yet effective. Get creative with the colour scheme of your jumpers. This is what will make your outfit pop.
Credit: @orein2727
  • Boots keep the majority of snow out. Common sense.
  • Depending on the style you choose to get, boots can be either formal or casual. For example, leather Chelsea boots vs lace-up boots.
  • The key here is to buy boots that are fashionable but sturdy. No one likes to slip in public. That is embarrassing. Funny too, but mostly embarrassing.
  • Scarves, gloves, toques, etc!
  • Accessories add that pop feature to your outfit because it’s always the small details that make the difference.
  • Use these pieces to add colour to the outfits, typically matching them with a piece you already have on.

Following, I will be posting two more blogs on winter styles and go more in depth on certain outfits that will hopefully help you create similar combinations that best suit you.

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