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Fall Formal How-to’s for Men

This week, I decided to do a short breakdown of a formal outfit, perfect for the fall/winter style.

This ensemble will include everything that you need in order to achieve the ideal outfit this season: layers, seasonal colours, accessories, and of course, Chelsea boots. Hopefully this will give you an idea as to what sort of combinations you can create on your own, with completely different pieces of your own.

Mastering the Top-half
  • In my example shown below, you can see that the button down shirt has a small pattern that provides the subtle pop when up close.
  • It’s paired with a knit burgundy/blue tie, capturing the seasonal colours perfectly.
  • The vest is optional, of course. I decided to go with this piece for this outfit because of the vintage aspect it provides for the whole ensemble.
  • The most unique piece in this outfit is the blazer. Topman’s no-lapel grey blazer is unique, and a perfect conversational topic for those interested in fashion. (Special Shout Out: chosen by my close friend and fashionista @full.of.chic. Check out her page for some amazing style)!
  • The accessories matter! Remember, it’s the small details that make the outfit complete. Notice the gold feather tie bar, paired with the gold rose lapel pin.
Credit: @orein2727
Pairing the Bottom-half
  • The bottom half of the outfit is where you can create multiple combos, using different trousers and shoes/boots.
  • I decided to go with the slim fit, black jeans to keep the outfit simple, yet classy. Alternatively, you can also use black trousers to make the outfit fully formal for those special events.
  • Peep those Chelsea boots. Leather, black, and perfect for the fall season! Incredibly classy and gives that perfect pop feature in any outfit. A strong recommendation for the next few months.
Credit: @orein2727

This outfit is one of my favourite go-to’s for this season because it provides a bit of everything that I fancy in fashion. All of the pieces are different, yet when put together, they create something spectacular that anyone can pull off.

For more style ideas, hit up my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe.

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