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The Proper Way to Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a common trend seen today. I understand some people don’t fancy this style, because, well it’s obvious, the jeans are really skinny! However, I personally I like them a lot because they are so versatile! Casual or semi-formal, this piece works wonders!

Types of Skinny Jeans:

  • Standard-sized Skinny Jeans:
    • These are very, very slim, but not skin tight. I prefer this style for the more formal look.
    • Pair this with formal or casual shoes, depending on the setting you will be in.
  • Skin-tight Jeans:
    • This style pretty much looks like it is sprayed on.
    • It is a very unique piece and quite difficult to pull off. Generally for the smaller build (like me).
    • Typically, I would pair this with a slim fit dress shirt for that smart-casual style.
    • Alternatively, try a baggy top, like a large jumper; perfect for the upcoming season.


  • Formal:
    • For the formal/smart casual style, I suggest darker tones in standard-sized skinny jeans.
    • If you’re aiming for the semi-formal look, pair them with a dress shirt, tie and a vest/blazer.
    • Shoes? Ah, yes. Chelsea boots. Easy choice. It just looks perfect!
  • Casual:
    • Both types of skinny jeans work here.
    • The key is to choose what genre of fashion you are looking to display.
      • Alternative style suggests dark tones, so black skinny jeans paired with trainers or desert boots.
      • The most common genre you’ll see is the urban style. This can be incredibly versatile, depending on where you’re headed. Pairing light or dark jeans with a jumper and coat, bridges the gap between smart and casual perfectly.

Skinny jeans are not for everybody. Some figures don’t compliment this style, and that’s all good! Stick to slim-fit jeans instead. I love this piece, because of the numerous styles I can create, casual or formal. If this floats your boat, try going for a bolder look, such as burgundy or green skinny jeans, perfect for the fall look.

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