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What to Wear to Have More Confidence in Yourself

The plan was to publish my Fall Blog Part 2, but I needed to do this one first. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend. Long story short, having confidence in your style choices is a definite struggle. Personally, I find this very frustrating. I believe that what you wear plays a very important role in who you truly are, which is so crucial in today’s society. Now, I’m not saying that by wearing a suit you are automatically worth more or less than someone. What I mean is that you are able to express your personality freely and with confidence! It tells the people you meet a story, and hopefully this blog let’s you tell that story to the fullest extent.

Some key things to consider:
  • Casual, Business, Urban, Hipster, and Prep, are only a few of the many different styles that can be seen today, all of which are great in their own setting.
  • I personally believe that the outfit you choose should be appropriate for the setting you will be in. However, the freedom to style it in whichever way you’d prefer, is still completely up to you! It shows who you are and provides an initial statement to those around you. This is where you should feel most comfortable.
  • People will always judge what you wear or how you choose to wear it (i.e. the deadly socks & sandals combo), but as long as you are cool with it, you’re golden!

My point is this: Do not change how you style an outfit because some people don’t understand and appreciate it. That is stupid. You do you!

Every single style has it’s own niche, including those who enjoy wearing crocs. Not judging, just saying. We all know that I prefer finding the odd pieces here and there, and then attempting to make them resemble an outfit. I may look absolutely ridiculous at times, but I don’t care because I found it worth wearing.

Check out my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe to see for yourself. You can wear whatever the f*** you want. Put something together and rock it!

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