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How to Wear White Kicks the Right Way

If you don’t own a pair of white kicks yet, you are definitely missing out! I love when old trends come back and are taken to a whole other level. This classy and fresh piece will transform your outfit into something completely different. White shoes, whether they are Converse, Nike, Jordan’s, Adidas, or a no name brand, give that extra flare to your outfit. To be completely honest, it is typically the first thing people will notice and comment on. So channel your inner 90’s and buy a pair of white kicks! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Let’s start off with some basic guidelines when owning a pair of white shoes:
  1. Keep them clean! Yes spend the extra few bucks on white shoe cleaner. It is worth it.
  2. This is a fashion piece. Wear it as one. I don’t really recommend playing sports with your white shoes.
  3. Each brand has a different style, so find one that suits you and your typical genre of fashion.
  4. You don’t have to spend $200.00 on new shoes. Understand your budget, and rock the no name ones if needed. I highly doubt the majority of people will pay attention to which brand it is.
  • I’m sure you have seen people pair the white shoes with a navy suit. This is definitely a common trend. I suggest pairing a navy suit with a slim fit, white t-shirt or jumper to go with low cut, white Converse shoes. Simple and elegant, with a modern urban twist.
  • For that casual look, you have all kinds of options! Shorts, chinos, jeans, and joggers all work with this piece.
  • I prefer the light blue jeans combo. The colours compliment each other. Pair this with a pattern t-shirt to add an extra pop feature to your outfit.
  • You can take this up a notch by adding that bomber jacket for that urban look. Common trend and looks pretty fresh.
  • Alternatively, joggers are a great choice for that colour contrast. Paired with a slim fit t-shirt, jumper, or plaid will give the outfit a reason to be noticeable.

For the most part, your shoes will speak for themselves. This piece will give a variety of outfits a reason to make people notice your style.

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