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How to Set Yourself Up for Success When Going Back to School

Summer vacation is coming to an end. To be completely honest, I was dreading the day I would have to write this blog, solely for those who are not looking forward to September. For those of you who are excited for University, I applaud you! Go nuts. Nerd out.

After talking to my friends I realized that the first week back is incredibly important. This is the time where everyone is a little extra with their outfits, so I decided to write a bit about the different styles for that first week back in the hopes that you will look as dapper as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll score a few numbers too?

From what I recall, unless you’re one of the hard core business students, the suit stays in your closet. You are there for quite a few hours, going from class to class, and often staying late for those study sessions. Comfort is key. The majority of the styles I will go over will be casual, while also making you look as fresh as possible.

Up Top:

  • A short sleeve pattern dress shirt is a great start. It provides a balance between class and character (based on the pattern you choose). Pair this with a bomber for that fresh casual look.
  • Alternatively, swap the button down with a t-shirt. This is a very broad category, so I suggest one with an odd pattern and a couple different colours. This is the pop feature you are looking to achieve. Once again, bomber jackets are trending right now, so I suggest adding this to your outfit.
  • Scoop-t’s are great for that urban culture style. This piece is typically longer in length, so it adds a different characteristic to your outfit.
  • Minimalist approach: also a common trend seen recently. This is the plain white t-shirt and a solid-coloured bomber or alternative jacket combo. Classic, clean and dapper. Can’t go wrong with this style.
Credit: @rc5photography

Down Low:

  • This category has a wide variety of choices. My top three recommendations are jeans (standard or ripped), shorts or joggers.
  • I highly recommend the ripped jeans look since they provide a very urban look. Make sure they are slim fitted, and compliment the top you choose to wear.
  • For those who are looking to stay on more of the reserved side of things, I suggest the slim fit blue or black jeans, paired with the button down shirt I suggested above.
  • Shorts are a great go-to for the final hot summer days. You’re allowed to go a little off track with the colours as well so try out the yellows, reds and blues.
  • Joggers bring you to the extreme end on the casual spectrum. You are still able to make this into a great outfit by choosing the right top. I suggest a plaid button down shirt or the minimalist style I described above.


  • Your kicks are important. Everyone notices the shoes. You have a few options for your first week back, each paired with a specific style.
  • First, the Chelsea Boot. This is a great combo choice with the slim fit blue or black jeans.
  • White kicks are dope and very common in today’s style trends. This style is as fresh as it gets. Pair this with the ripped jeans or joggers. I also suggest using this piece for the minimalist style. Very clean and sleek.
  • Alternatives also include boat shoes or loafers, as well desert boots.

Your first week back to school will be complete once you have your perfect outfits ready to go. This blog will hopefully point you in the right direction.

For more style ideas, definitely check out my Instagram page @dysfunctionalwardrobe.

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