Calling all K-pop, K-Drama and Kim Chi Lovers. The 14th Annual Korean Day Festival will take place August 19th 2017 at the West Hillhurst Park  from 10am to 6pm. With free entry, everyone is welcomed to enjoy a taste of Korean culture.

There will be a whole host of activities to participate in such as tasting Korean foods, Traditional Korean Games, Drawing contests and children rides.  There will also be Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, traditional Korean Percussion processions and a multinational talent show. Of course to make things even better, Middle and High Schools students will be able to participate in a quiz contest with the lucky winner eligible to earn a scholarship prize.

To top things off, the Korean Day Festival will be creating their own, internationally known Superstar K contest for Calgarians. Opened to all nationalities, participants are to sing and dance with k-pop music, contestants can win the grand prize of $1000 among other items. With initial try outs On July 23 2017, the best groups and solo acts will have their final showdown on the 19th of August.

The Korean Day Festival was created with the intent of preserving and promoting Korean culture. With thousands of Calgarians participating, the hopes is to continue to bring together Korean-Calgarians and other nationalities to better understand it’s culture and heritage.



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