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Why You Should Own a Blue Suit

When it comes to suits, we can all agree black can only offer so much. Yes, it was once the suit to own and wear for any occasion, but it’s time to put it away and move on to greater things! This is where the blue suit comes in. Whether it be for work, special events, or just a fun night out, the blue provides you with a multitude of options to get the desired look for any setting.

First of all, let’s get one thing straightened out, blue and navy suits are not the same! Blue suits are brighter, perfect for the summer season and a great alternative to the boring black suit. Navy suits, on the other hand, work best during the winter season. The darker colour flows perfectly with the atmosphere during the colder periods. For the time being, I will focus solely on the blue suit, because it is more relevant right now.

Are you choosing the right blue suit? The answer totally depends on what you are comfortable with. Useful answer, right? Keep in mind that blue can come in a variety of shades, so choose something you could wear often and pair with other pieces with ease.


  • Wearing a blue suit in a formal setting, such as work or special events, provides the right pop in colour that allows your entire outfit to stand out.
  • For formal events, pair your suit with a white dress shirt for that clean, dapper look. Complete the outfit with a tie or bow tie, and matching socks.
  • If the setting is less formal but still calls for a dress shirt, go for the pattern option to add that extra flare feature.
Credit: @orein2727


  • Not every occasion calls for the full suit special. A night out with your friends is one of many examples.
  • This is where you can choose to pair the blue blazer with chinos rather than wearing the full suit. Paired with a fitted white t-shirt or dress shirt, this look is the best way to pull off the casual style.
  • If you do wish to wear the full suit, swap the dress shirt for something more comfortable, such as a striped t-shirt.


  • Brown dress shoes are best for this suit colour. The shade correlates with the brightness of the suit.
Credit: @orein2727
  • For the casual style, I suggest brown loafers if you opt for the full suit with a t-shirt.
  • All white shoes, such as Converse, are a common trend and add a different aspect to this style.

The blue suit should definitely be a part of your wardrobe due to it’s versatility for many different occasions. Replacing the common black suit with a bit of colour works best for the summer!

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