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How to Wear a Vest Like a Gentleman

The vest is an essential piece in every gentleman’s wardrobe, for both the formal and casual setting. This post will focus on a few key guidelines for when you’re choosing the right vest, as well as a few different style combinations to get you started.

When choosing the right vest, you should focus on:

  1. Fit: Is it comfortable? The vest should have that perfect fit so that your body does not feel restricted due to it being too tight. Choose the right size so you are able to fasten up and actually breathe!
  2. Length: The vest should cover your entire waist. Along with choosing the right fit, the right length is just as important because you do not want it to hang too low or sit really high up.
  3. Dress Shirt: Always pair your vest with a dress shirt. There are certain styles where you will see a jumper or t-shirt that is paired with a vest, but the most dapper combo requires a dress shirt. Keep it simple and classy.
  4. Blazer or No Blazer?: If the occasion calls for that classy three-piece suit, by all means go for it! Otherwise, I suggest leaving the blazer at home, so you can show off your vest!
  • The setting is very important when choosing the type of vest you will wear. Opt for the classic black vest for the black tie events, while the dapper blue or grey options work really well for work and other formal events. Be sure the event you are attending does not require the full black suit if you want to wear grey or navy.
  • If you are out in a more creative setting, definitely go with a patterned vest, which will give your outfit that pop feature. Be sure to pair it with the right trousers and shirt/tie combo to ensure you keep that smart look.
Credit: @rc5photography
  • For the more relaxed setting, switch to the short sleeve dress shirt. This is still perfect for work or formal outdoor events.
Credit: @rc5photography
  • Pairing a vest with jeans is a great option for the summer!
  • This style is the perfect balance between casual and classy.
ZAMEER KANJI_2017-07.07-8878
Credit: @maxim_project
  • Switch out the solid colour vest with a pattern piece. Pair this with blue jeans and a dress shirt to complete the look. If you’re feeling a bit more formal, include the tie or bow tie for that extra bit of flare.
  • Remember that you want your vest to have that perfect fit. The same goes for the jeans and dress shirt. This will make your outfit look clean and well put together.
  • Darker jeans help you shift more towards the formal aspect in the casual look. Pair this with a plaid vest and a grey dress shirt to complete the look, and you’re all set for your night out!

Vests are no longer only meant to be worn with the three-piece suit. We have taken this single piece and realized it’s true potential to be worn in multiple different styles and settings. This is your opportunity to take advantage of this style!

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