We Be Book’n: The Secret Garden

By far one of the most memorable stories from my childhood, The Secret Garden, is easily a book you can read over and over again.


“…Mary Lennox, a spoiled, contrary, solitary child raised in India but sent to live in her uncle’s manor in Yorkshire after her parents’ death. She is left to herself by her uncle, Mr. Craven, who travels often to escape the memory of his deceased wife. The only person who has time for Mary is her chambermaid, Martha. It is Martha who tells Mary about Mrs. Craven’s walled garden, which has been closed and locked since her death. Mary becomes intrigued by the prospect of the forgotten garden, and her quest to find out the garden’s secrets leads her to discover other secrets hidden in the manor. These discoveries combined with the unlikely friendships she makes along the way help Mary come out of her shell and find new fascination with the world around her.” -Book Synopsis

Following Mary through her adventures in her new home, Frances Hodgson Burnett does an amazing job illustrating the intrigue and excitement Mary experiences as she discovers new and wonderful things. Going through the initial tragedy of loosing her parents, you’ll become to understand Mary and why her pursuit of the garden is so important to her. Drawing you in right from the first chapter, the mystery of the secret garden will keep you reading for hours on end.

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