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How to Create the Broken Suit

A common question I get is, “How do you mix and match your outfit?” I’ve noticed that a lot of my outfits contain a blazer matched with a different pair of trousers. This is sometimes tricky, but when it’s done right, it looks incredibly dapper and very stylish in today’s trends. This post will go over the main components of combining pieces to create that suave look you are aiming for.

  • Combining pieces that compliment each other is the most important aspect in creating this unique style. Understanding the idea behind matching colours will help you pull this off.
  • When pairing a blazer with trousers, make sure the colour of your blazer compliments the colour(s) on your trousers.
  • For example, beige trousers paired with a light blue blazer is perfect. _DSC1005
  • This is a simple and stylish combination because the colours do not clash. The blazer stands as a statement piece that will attract attention to your outfit in a positive way.
  • Alternatively, working with the same colour in different tones is just as effective when pulling this style off.
  • A great example is light blue trousers with a navy blazer. The key is to keep it simple!
  • Patterns can be tricky, especially when pairing two different pieces together, so just try not to make things too complicated.
  • If the trousers have a distinct pattern, keep the blazer solid. Vice versa if the opposite is true.

    Credit: @maxim_project
  • Remember the colour rule. If the pattern on the trousers has multiple colours, pair the blazer with either one of the same colours or one that compliments.

    Credit: @orein2727
  • This is the easy part, in my opinion. Mixing different fabrics is incredibly tricky, so shy away from that and stick to two pieces with similar fabrics and textures instead. This makes your outfit more appealing.

Attempting the broken suit can be a little intimidating. This is why I keep stressing the idea of simplicity.

  1. Choose complimenting colours to avoid clashing. Alternatively, play with the tones of one colour.
  2. One pattern piece is enough! Focus on the colours in the patterned item and pair it with a solid to match.
  3. Similar fabrics are ideal for this style.

For more style ideas, check out my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe. I’m always open to answering any questions about this concept and any others that you may have!

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