Last week, I covered the basics for dress shoes. But it’s the summer! The time of the year where we want to swap out the suits for some shorts and t-shirts! Today, let’s go over choosing the right type of casual shoes to go with that look.

White Trainers:
  • This sleek look goes well with a variety of styles. My main go-to combo with white trainers are ripped light blue jeans or casual shorts.
  • The hard part is keeping them clean, so make sure you buy the right shoe polish to keep yourself looking on point.


    Credit: @orein2727

  • Converse is a popular choice for this piece, but you can opt for Nike or Adidas if you are looking for that sporty style. Alternatively, boat shoes (which I will discuss next) provide a look of sophistication.
  • For those who are looking for the more attractively priced shoes, many retail stores carry similar styles which look just as good!

Boat Shoes:
  • Boat shoes are an excellent piece to have in your wardrobe. They come in a wide range of colours, but your best bet is to stick with the basics: brown, blue, and white.

  • The more vibrant colours are still great to have, but they have a limited usage depending on the outfit you choose.
  • Boat shoes pair perfectly with rolled jeans or shorts. Avoid using them in a classy setting. This type of shoe adds the right amount of flare to make your outfit pop.
  • A great look is combining casual shorts and a short sleeve button down shirt with boat shoes to match.

  • If you’re looking to wear jeans, try pairing some blue jeans rolled up at the bottom with brown boat shoes. A short sleeve dress shirt or a scoop t-shirt both work with this style.
  • Okay, so last week I said loafers are perfect for the formal look, and this week I’m saying the opposite. Both are great!
  • This piece is similar to boat shoes, in that there are a variety of styles and colours to choose from and the amount of combinations are nearly endless.
  • Pairing Chino shorts or shorts with a stylish pattern with slip-ons is a great look.
  • Alternatively, swap out the shorts for slim fit blue jeans and you have yourself a more dapper casual outfit.
  • Once again, steer towards the neutral colours to maximize your options. Vibrant and odd patterned loafers are great to own but can be difficult to pair.


    Credit: @orein2727

These three types of shoes are my favourites for the casual look in the summertime. They work with almost every style and will definitely attract attention from those around you! For more ideas, check out my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe. Also feel free to message me if you have any questions and/or comments!

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