The Art of Single Colored Outfits


We are finally seeing some stable weather this season, which means it’s finally time to break out the t-shirts and shorts! Lately, a very common trend that I’m seeing for street wear is the use of monochrome in an outfit. It’s a perfect outfit for the season and I’m seeing tons of Instagram posts consisting of outfits that only stick with one color or print. So how do you go about rocking such an outfit?

  • For starters, employ earth-toned colors such as olive or brown, and more toned down colors like off-white and beige, and pair them with darker colored sneakers or an all-white pair to stand out.


image via : Orein Ferdinandus/Darren Navea/Shadymar Abdulsalam/Pancho Sanchez
  • Don’t be afraid to mess around with other colors as long as you know the limits of your outfit. A little contrast in color never hurts.


image via : Pancho Sanchez/Shadymar Abdulsalam
  • You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. Besides being easy to rock, almost any pair of shoes will go with it. 
image via: Pancho Sanchez/Orein Ferdinandus/Shadymar Abdulsalam
  • Lastly, summer always calls for an all-white pair of sneakers. Whether they be Adidas Ultra Boosts, the new Jordan 4 Pure Money, or all white Vans Authentic’s, an all-white pair goes with almost any outfit!


image via: Pancho Sanchez/Shadymar Abdulsalam

Be sure to check out my future posts and stay tuned for more tips and outfit ideas in the near future!

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