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Great Styles Tips for The Summer

As we shift into the summer season, the trends shift to lighter materials and more vibrant colour schemes. Let’s be real, tweed or wool suits in the summer don’t make any sense whatsoever! Time to put those suits away and bring out the lighter materials!

  • I understand that summer brings out the more vibrant colours, but this doesn’t mean your suit has to be light blue! A grey or black linen suit will provide class, while still allowing your body to breathe (and leave no sweat patches).
  • You can make your outfit more vibrant through the shirt and tie combo that you select.
  • A great example: a linen suit, paired with a pattern red shirt and a light blue tie. This combo looks both classy and works perfectly under the sun.
  • If it is too hot for a full suit, replace the jacket with a vest!

    Credit: @rc5photography
  • Street wear in the summer is my absolute favorite because of all the possible combos that can be created. You can have a new look, everyday!
  • A great yet simple look: a short sleeve dress shirt or t-shirt, paired with vibrant shorts. The key here is in the shorts; brighter colours and well-fitted (this doesn’t mean skin tight. Please.).

    Credit: @rc5photography
  • Another style that is trending right now happens to be one of my favourite summer looks. The jean shorts. This piece comes in many different designs, lengths and colours. Pairing them with a scoop t-shirt for that casual/urban look is perfect for this season.

    Credit: @rc5photography
  • Summer brings out the lighter, more comfortable shoes. This includes boat shoes, loafers, low cut Converse or others similar to this style. Keep in mind the overall style that you are trying to pull off and how well your shoe choice is going to compliment that look.
  • Formal wear calls for a classy pair of boat shoes or loafers.

    Credit: @rc5photography

You are able to experiment with numerous styles for this season, which can be intimidating, but also very exciting. Using some of the style tips I mentioned above you can create numerous styles that will make you look fresh every single day!

For more ideas on how to rock your summer style, check out my Instagram @dysfunctionalwardrobe!

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