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How to Wear Uncommon Patterns

Wearing uncommon patterns can be very tricky, however, these pieces are a necessity in your wardrobe because they add character to your outfits. Today we’re going to outline a couple key guidelines to wearing something more unusual while still maintaining that dapper look.

Uncommon patterns are designs that have an odd print rather than the solids, stripes, or plaids you typically see when shopping. However, common patterns can also become uncommon if they are busier in design or have more than three colours.

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Credit: @orein2727
  • Trying to create combos that aren’t too busy or just don’t match is a struggle when it comes to using patterned pieces, especially uncommon ones. Therefore, it’s safer to combine an odd pattern with solid items. This allows your pattern item to stand out as the defining feature of the outfit.
  • Typically, you’ll find your patterns in your dress shirts or trousers. When you choose the token piece, make sure the rest of the outfit matches the colours in the pattern you selected.
  • A perfect example: a pattern dress shirt with a knit tie and jeans.
    Credit: @orein2727
  • The informal outfits allows you to indulge in the more urban style that is currently trending.
  • When you go out shopping for your informal pieces you will find t-shirts, shorts and jackets with odd patterns for you to buy. Buy these! This will allow you to mix and match uncommon patterns with basic items, perfect for the hipster style.
  • The same rule applies here as in the formal style: one uncommon pattern per outfit.
  • A great example: a longer fitting t-shirt that’s supporting your uncommon pattern and slim-fitted black jeans. Finish this look off with a clean pair of sneakers and you’re set for a good street wear outfit!

The most important aspect behind trying something new like this is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. The extent of how crazy you want to get with your patterns is totally dependent on you. Have fun trying out all the different variations!

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