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Calliope Reviews: TRAPPED Escape Room

This week as a belated birthday present these guys took me out for a day filled with various surprises and the best was definitely at the end when we showed up at Trapped to do an escape room!

Having opened their first location here in Calgary, we were excited to try out one of their rooms, especially after hearing about the franchise in other locations throughout Canada.

Set up in Kensington, Trapped is one of the biggest locations that we have visited to date and I can safely say we were quite pleasantly surprised when we arrived there. Everything was new and clean; you could still smell the new paint smell as soon as you walked it! And, as weird as this may sound, the bathrooms were such a nice place to pay a little visit. SO CLEAN! The only downfall that I could potentially see here would be parking. In the middle of Kensington, especially during a busy night, finding a place to park your vehicle may prove slightly troublesome.

Now, before we can proceed further, I feel it is pertinent for you all to be aware that we pretty much showed up with the Dream Team for this room. The four of us that went that night have done multiple different escape rooms, at various different locations, and–ahem—not to toot my own horn here, but we’ve typically done very well. *insert smirking emoji here*

Needless to say, as veteran escape room survivors, we were excited to try something new. Wanting to try out a different theme from all the previous ones we’ve attempted (and conquered!) we chose the Contaminated Hospital room.

For the first time ever, we were led in to the room with blindfolds on and I have to say that it did indeed enhance the experience of it all.  Taking off the blindfolds to find yourself in a completely different location was very cool and, kind of freaky at the same time.

Now, obviously the next part is where we stupendously busted outta there with 22 minutes still left to go! I repeat. 22 minutes. Like, not saying we’re pros or anything…but we are kinda pros. I wish I could tell you how we did it, but alas, that would defeat the purpose. So, looks like you’re going to have to go on your own and experience it for yourselves!

Now, if I was rate our experience at Trapped, I would give them:

5/5 for Atmosphere & Staff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

1/5 for Parking 🔥

3/5 for Creativity of Escape Room 🔥🔥🔥

2/5 for Difficulty of Escape Room 🔥🔥

Overall, I must say it was a great experience with very friendly staff and a very fresh and welcoming atmosphere. We would love to go there again and try out another room, and I strongly recommend Trapped as great location to try the escape room experience!

Let me know if you end up going and checking it out and I’ll see you all next week with a new post ready for you!


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