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The Best Ways to Accessorize Your Outfits for All Occasions

Up until this point we’ve looked at various different styles, multiple different ways that you can change up your outfits to better fit your personality and what you plan on dressing for. The one aspect of getting dressed that will always help out your wardrobe is the addition of accessories! There are a plethora of different ways that you can go about incorporating them into your outfit, so let’s have a look at some examples.


Tie clip

  • The tie clip gives your suit that clean finish. The placement of the tie clip should be between the 3rd and 5th button.
  • It should never exceed the width of your tie. When you’re shopping for one, choose the one that will best fit your needs.
  • For the formal look, stick to the solid clip. Alternatively, if you’re opting for the semi-formal style, there are various designs you can find to add that fun twist to your outfit.
Credit: @orein2727

Lapel pin

  • Always wear them on your left lapel.
  • The lapel pin can be used for formal and informal occasions. Understand the setting you will be in and choose your lapel pin accordingly. Typically for the formal setting, a boutonnière, or flower, is worn.
  • You will find long-stemmed lapel pins with countless designs for that informal look.
Credit: @orein2727

Pocket square

  • Pocket squares can be used to add that extra flair to your outfit! You will find there are many different methods of folding a pocket square depending on the occasion.
  • The colour of the pocket square should compliment your tie. For example, a patterned yellow pocket square with a green tie.

Credit: @maxim_project


  • Yes, socks are accessories! At least, I believe they are. The pattern socks are a massive trend you will see today, with all styles of clothing. You’re finally allowed to stray away from the boring solid colored socks and pick something with a fun and funky pattern.
  • If you’re nervous about this one, start small, like polka dots or plaid. Once that level of comfort is there, shoot for random patterns to take that style to the next level!
  • Keep in mind that if your socks are an odd pattern, one of the colours should match your tie for the formal look.


Hopefully with the addition of some of these accessories to your daily wardrobe you can find your outfits looking far more complete then they ever did before!

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