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How to Wear the Double Breasted Blazer

Credit: @orein2727

Double breasted blazers! If you’re thinking old-time gangsters, you and I are on the same page! At least, that’s what I always picture when I see a double breasted blazer. Luckily, the loose fitting, over-sized style has now been replaced and the new suave look is in. Here are a few key tips for rocking this latest trend.

Let’s begin with the beginner’s style guide:

  • First things first, slim fit only! No more square-shaped blazers. When choosing the right double breasted blazer, be sure it fits your body shape, keeping your comfort in mind.
  • Make your blazer season appropriate. For the summer, stick to the lighter materials and brighter colours. Conversely, the colder seasons call for the heavy fibers, such as wool or tweed.
  • How many buttons to pick?! More commonly you’ll find one with 4 buttons, which still portrays a certain sense of elegance. However, if you’re going for a more sophisticated look, then you’re going to go for 6!
  • Accessorize your outfit! Pocket squares, lapels, tie bars, or whatever else you can think of. Take that one step further to complete your outfit. Remember, this timeless piece is perfect for a variety of occasions, and you can showcase that with your own little twist.

Formal or Informal?

The double breasted blazer can be worn formally or causally, depending on how you style it:

  • Formal look: Naturally, this includes the blazer with matching trousers. Paired with a shirt and tie, this outfit is perfect for all types of formal events. Try some variety by switching out your tie for a bow tie when the occasion is appropriate.
Credit: Instagram @orein2727
  • Casual style: Time to bring out the jeans! Casual Friday’s at work will never be the same! Replace the shirt and tie with a slim fit T-shirt or sweater that compliments the blazer and you’re set!
Credit: Instagram @orein2727

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