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Easy Tips and Tricks for Wearing Floral Ties

The snow is gone and it looks like the spring is finally here to stay and we all know what that means…flowers! Not only is it great to see them blooming as you go about your day, but you can also have them accompany you on your ties! Floral ties are a great way to add that exciting and suave look to your outfit, especially when pieced together properly. Lets take this time to go over some of those key aspects required to pull off the look.

Matching your tie with your outfit:

  • Floral ties come in a variety of colours and this means that putting it together with the right shirt and suit is very important!
  • You want to keep the colors that are present in your tie in mind when you are trying to match it with a shirt. Typically, you want to pick a shirt that has a colour in common with your tie, or one that compliments it.
  • One way that you can never go wrong is pairing your ties with a white shirt. It will allow the tie to stand out and at the same time keep you looking classy.
  • If you’re going for a formal look, try matching your tie with a navy blue suit. This works wonders in the office and allows you to be creative at work, without coming across as unprofessional.


Credit: Maxim Project 

Choosing the right style:

  • Floral ties come in multiple different styles and micro-floral ties are the most common. When putting together an outfit, pairing them with a plaid or gingham pattern shirt that matches the colour of the tie is best.
  • Ties with a larger floral print can be combined with pattern shirts, so long as they compliment each other and it’s not too busy. However, I recommend keeping it simple and using a solid shirt, as this will allow your tie to be the most noticeable aspect of your outfit.


Credit: Orien2727

Accessorizing with your tie:

  • Wear your tie with or without a blazer. The floral design of the tie itself does a lot for brightening up your outfit so you can choose to either make it the main focus piece or dull the effect by adding a blazer on top.
  • Include a pocket square with the tie. A complimenting colour to the floral print is perfect and typically choose one that is a solid color so that your tie remains the main focus.

  • Loafers are a great way to finish off the outfit as they help imply a sophisticated look with a fun twist to it. Now you’re ready to welcome the spring season in properly!


Credit: Orien2727

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