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How to be Fashionable and Comfortable at the Same Time

Let’s be real, no one actually likes to rock a suit every single day. Sometimes all you really want to do is rock something chill and comfortable, without giving off the appearance of having just rolled out of bed. This week, lets look at some casual street wear styles that are trending right now!

Ripped Jeans

  • This style is everywhere right now and can be done in so many different ways! For example, if you’re aiming for the casual look you could go with a pair of slim fit light blue ripped jeans, with a white T shirt and a bomber jacket. Simple, yet very stylish. Finish this look off with a pair of white converse shoes.
  • Alternatively, you can turn your ripped jeans into something more dapper. Try pairing together dark blue slim fit ripped jeans, a white slim fit jumper, and a tan or brown trench coat.

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Baggy Sweaters

  • The baggy look! I really enjoy this style because of one key aspect: SO COMFORTABLE! I like to pair this look with slim fit or skinny jeans and casual sneakers. Typically, the sweater that you are picking out is one-to-three sizes above your normal size.
  • If the weather is too hot for a sweater, switch it out with a t-shirt that is longer in length. I enjoy something with a logo, so it adds a bit of flare to the outfit.


Statement Pieces

  • A statement piece is a part of your outfit that makes the entire combo pop. This could be the addition of a jacket, bold patterns, or a noticeable accessory. Using a statement piece helps take your causal outfit one step up to get those heads turning in your direction!


And finally, before I let you go, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • The shoes are everything! Keep them and clean, no one likes beat up kicks.
  • Don’t hesitate to add layers to your outfit. A great example is matching a grey baggier sweater over top of a red longer t- shirt.
  • When shopping for items to create your casual wardrobe, make sure you choose more common, basic pieces. This will allow you to create a variety of combinations with your statement pieces to give you a new look every time.
  • And finally, your style should be comfortable to you, but at the same time, allow yourself to experiment with different items to get that variety in your everyday life.

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