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Ep. 005 – Jake Stika on the common myths of stoicism and the difference between gender equality and gender equity.

“Guilt is feeling bad about your actions and shame is feeling bad about yourself” – Jake Stika

One of the toughest journeys that any one of us must face is one of discovering our true selves and getting to a place where we are happy with what we find there. Talking this week with Jake Stika, we got to learn what it was like for him to go down that path of striving towards self-actualization and how it has led him to where he is now.

Jake started off as a simple university student like most of us, passionate about basketball and pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. However, this didn’t last for long as he soon found himself graduating with honours in International Commerce and Global Development and co-founding Next Gen Men.

As an executive director, alongside his other two co-founders Jermal Alleyne and Jason Tan de Bibiana, Next Gen Men strives to enrich young men through peer engagement and public education on the various struggles that they face surrounding masculinity.

Talking with Jake we got his take on various different topics ranging from basketball to entrepreneurship to food. There wasn’t a dull moment to be had during this meeting, and you’re sure to enjoy listening it as much as we did recording it!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What do you think are some common myths surrounding vulnerability?
  • Why do you think people struggle with being authentic?
  • What are some of the greatest lessons that you have learnt when it comes to business development and sales?



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Question of the show: Have you personally experienced gender-based violence? Tell me your story in the comments below.

Show Notes:

  • What is the vision for Next Gen Men? [03:00]
  • How do you develop trust and vulnerability within your friend circle? [09:30]
  • What are the common myths of vulnerability for men? [12:00]
  • What is Jake’s mindset towards vulnerability? [15:00]
  • What were the initial stages of building Next Gen Men like? [16:30]
  • What is the value of evidence based research? [28:00]
  • How do you screen for the right employee? [30:00]
  • What are the common myths of stoicism? [34:30]
  • What is the number one thing new businesses should be focused on? [39:00]
  • What were some of the biggest lessons you learnt from business development? [41:00]
  • What advice would you give to someone starting a new business? [57:30]
  • Jake’s personal meditative practice. [1:03:00]
  • What is the difference between gender equity and gender equality? [1:11:00]






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