Ep. 008 – Alex Greaves on posture, mobility and the importance of being a multi-sport athlete

For this episode of our podcast you will get to hear from Alex Greaves, Movement Specialist at Elite Sports Therapy and founder of Strong Range of Motion. You’ll learn how his years as a personal trainer, along with his degree in kinesiology, served him in taking his basic massage training and customizing it in order to better suit the needs of the athlete’s body.

Ep. 007 – Marty Park on overcoming common mistakes as an entrepreneur, crafting elevator pitches and listening to understand.

This week we talked with Marty Park, the owner of Evolve Business Group. In this podcast, you will get to hear about what it was like for him to drop out of school and pursue entrepreneurship for himself instead. He shared with us what his experiences have been like over the years of him owning multiple different businesses. Enjoy!