Springtime is here! And with it, come all the different opportunities for you to add a little flair to your outfits! This week, let’s look at three different trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to welcome the spring season with some style!


Spring means colours, so why not wear them on your pants?  Your goal here is to make your pants the main attraction piece; aim for trousers in an uncommon or vibrant colour to create that offset with the rest of your outfit.


Pairing green gingham pants with a contrasting top


Why limit the colour to only your pants when you have the whole suit to wear? Springtime is an excellent opportunity to whip out those coloured suits you’ve always wanted to show off! Put away the grey’s and the blue’s and replace them for suits with a bit of flair.

You can pair a salmon coloured blazer with a bright plaid dress shirt. If you’re looking for something more casual, then swap out the dress shirt with a patterned, slim fit t-shirt. A common trend I see, and also wear myself, is the baby blue blazer with a striped blue/white shirt.


Credit: Maxim Project



Credit: Maxim Project

This season is a perfect time to bring out the pattern clothing! The way I see it, the brighter the days become, the more you and what you wear is seen. Patterns come in a variety of options and sometimes pairing them can be difficult, so just remember these two things:

  • Plaid on plaid works, so long as the scale is substantially different. Please do not pair stripes together.
  • Uncommon patterns can be paired with common patterns, but it shouldn’t be too busy.

A great example is the gingham pants I described earlier, paired with a wide striped shirt and a solid blazer. Outfits with patterns incorporated into them essentially scream urban street style, so you will definitely be on the trendier side of fashion this spring season!

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