The bow tie is a popular trend in men’s fashion right now and if you ask me it should be a required piece in your wardrobe. Frequent questions I get are typically along the lines of when, where and how to spice things up with the bow tie look. Allow me to explain!


Matching patterns with solid dress shirts

These are some key basics to keep in mind when choosing and selecting your bow ties:

  • Firstly, bow ties come in many different options; you have pre-tied, clip on, and tie-it-yourself bow ties, to name a few. The first two choices are quick and easy, perfect for on-the-go days, but I’m a firm believer that that only bow tie allowed in your wardrobe is the one you tie yourself!
  • If you’re new to wearing bow ties and are uncertain about what to match with what then stick to the common colors and patterns.
  • The color of your bow tie should compliment the shirt you choose. A good tip is to stick to white shirts and various shades of blue.
  • Once you are comfortable with the basics, try mixing it up by combining patterns together. Bolder patterns can work together with a bit of experimenting, but the final product is a style that you can wear which will make your outfit pop.

Mixing patterns to make your outfit pop

Now bow tie away!

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