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Creative Ways to Combine Formal Wear with Casual Wear

Transforming your everyday outfits into something a little more stylistic and formal.

Let’s be real, not everyone wants to rock a suit everyday. At least, I definitely wouldn’t. This is why one of my go to styles is one that incorporates my casual clothing with some of my classier items. The technical term is Smart Casual. This style may seem complex but with the right pieces of clothing, it can be pulled off in a variety of different ways.

The idea behind this look is to create the perfect balance of casual with formal. One of my favourite combos consists of my pair of slim-fitted black jeans, a dress shirt and a blazer. The colour scheme is up to your discretion. What suits you? Your choices will allow you to personalize your style to what you think best represents yourself.

There are a variety of different smart casual looks that you can create. Two of my favorites are: Business Casual and Casual Street Wear.


Business casual is simple. The idea behind it is making your outfits appear more formal by adding a couple of key pieces that offset your look from coming across as casual. This could include wearing a knit tie or loafers for example. If you want to have that professional look make sure what you wear looks sleek. Another excellent example of the business casual look is matching slim-fitted blue jeans, a pattern dress shirt, and a vest. A blazer can either be used as a substitute for the vest or you can combine the two for a three piece outfit. Stay away from ripped or baggy clothing.


Casual street wear gives you a lot of freedom to choose what your style is. This does not have to include a button-down shirt and a blazer. Feel free to switch that out with a t-shirt or a jumper. Patterns are perfect for this look because it adds that pop of style that you want to have in any outfit. Keep in mind however, with pattern clothing it can be tricky to combine with other pieces, whereas simple tops can be easily used to create a variety of looks. Additionally, a simple jumper is just as effective and more versatile. For example, black jeans with a dark green jumper. This outfit looks stylish on its own, but can also include a blazer, jacket, and/or a casual button-down shirt to make it more complete.

Some key aspects behind the Smart Casual look to consider:

  • Your jeans should be either a slim or a skinny fit. Navy blue or black jeans are the most common and versatile choices.
  • Business casual includes a dress shirt. Always. Keep it simple, as this will give you room to create many more styles with other pieces.
  • Casual street wear is one of the more multifaceted options available to you. Put away the dress shirt and replace it with a T-shirt. Throw a blazer on top. For those cooler days, add a fitted jacket.
  • Your outfit will be complete with the right choice of shoes. When it comes to the smart casual look I prefer loafers or Chelsea boots. Make sure to roll up those jeans all the way to the top of the boot to give yourself that urban look.

Now go out and try on the smart casual look for yourself. The options are endless and will leave you looking dapper in any situation.


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